Our mission at DitchFest is multifaceted but sincere. Our remote Colorado county is home to a tremendous amount of talent in music and art, and we feel that it’s high time we show that off to a broader audience, in the context of celebrating the edgier side of our melting pot of local culture.

We believe that art, music, and all sorts of creative outlets are an integral part of humankind, and want to establish a long-standing venue to foster these things right here in Oak Creek, for a long time to come. We aim to create an opportunity for future generations to create and grow as artists, musicians, and as people, by making a scholarship available to at least one local, innovative, and insightful high school senior each year. (Be sure to visit our “Scholarship” page for more information.)

And of course, we hope to do all this while making sure you all have a ton of fun!
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