At DitchFest, we plan to bring attention to our area’s talented local artists, expand its traditional appreciation into broader media. We hope to feature work from painting to sculpture to photography, as well as other visual forms, such as tattooing, welding, blown glass, graphics, and handmade jewelry.

[Painting by Callie Bradley]

To enter the art show, simply bring your piece, and whatever you would like to display it on (easel, stool, other mounting device), to the festival. We will assign a number to each piece, and have a ballot running throughout the day for “Most Interesting Art Exhibit.” Festival attendees will be doing the voting (and we’ll make sure each ballot is real and people can only vote once), an award will be given for the winning piece. There will be no categories other than this – we don’t want to exclude any type of artwork, and would like each item to be viewed for its creativity and the unique idea(s) it communicates. You can also choose to sell up to 5 pieces of your own art in the show (any more and we’d have to direct you to our Vendor Page).

Anyone at any age may enter, so come out and peruse – or participate in – our art display featuring all manner of visual exhibits, brought to you by our region’s many gifted creators. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

[Tattoo by OC Ink Drilling]
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